Dr. Amanda N. Hale, Optometrist

Prescription Eye Glasses

The clarity of your vision affects the quality of your life. Clear vision begins with careful measurement of your prescription and the best choices of eyeglass frames and lenses to meet your needs.

Your Individual Prescription

Your prescription for glasses or contacts begins with a careful measurement of the shape of your eye, a refraction to achieve your best possible vision, and analysis of the way your eyes work together. A detailed discussion of your visual needs and the way you use your eyes for both work and recreation allows us to give you clear, comfortable vision.

Your Individual Look

We carry a broad selection of high quality, functional eyeglasses and eye wear to meet your needs for lifestyle, work and recreation. At Eye Care Center, we are proud to offer options no matter what your price range, while still offering fantastic quality eyeglasses. Stop in to learn more about eyeglass warranties.

Some brands of eyeglasses that we carry:

Vera Wang Smith Optics Oakley
Liz Claiborne Guess Marchon
Harley Davidson Colors in Optics Armani Exchange


Lenses and Treatments

Eye Care Center is uniquely experienced with the latest eyeglass lens designs, coatings and tints to enhance the quality of your vision. A few options we offer include:

Bifocal, Trifocal, and Progressive Eyeglasses

Bifocals have come a long way in recent years. Today's multifocal lenses look just like normal eyeglass lenses. Perfect, seamless vision at all distances can be achieved with the latest progressive lens designs. Let us help you see near, far, and in -between and make squinting a thing of the past.

Prescription Sunglasses and Protective Eye wear

Eye Care Center also stocks a full line of brand name sunglasses and protective eye wear that can be fitted to your prescription. Come in to see our full line.

On-Site Lab

We process custom-made eyeglasses quickly in our in-office finishing lab. Frame repairs and adjustments are done while you wait.