Dr. Amanda N. Hale, Optometrist

Prescription Contact Lenses

It is our mission to provide lenses that will exceed your visual demands, provide the most comfort, and maintain excellent eye health.

Your Individual Prescription

We use the highest quality contact lenses available to meet your needs and ensure great vision and healthy eyes. After careful measurement of your eye shape and prescription and discussion of your expectations from lens wear, lenses are selected and evaluated for fit, comfort and vision as you try them in our office.

The Latest Technology

Contact lenses with the latest technology correct all types of prescriptions, including patients with astigmatism and presbyopia (reading glasses after age 40). We can even help patients with dry eyes, allergies or irregular corneas to comfortably wear contact lenses. Some of the lenses we fit:

A Successful Lens Experience

Your contact lens care doesn't end the day you take your lenses home. Our relationship is ongoing to achieve a lifetime of successful lens wear.

Let us find the best lenses for you!